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KETIRA ENGINEERING Consultants is under the direct management of Ir . Paul Retika M.Sc and supported by the vast experience of engineering staffs of graduates from reputable Indonesian and foreign universities. Ir . Paul Retika M.Sc joined the professional consulting engineers in 1971 and has led his own company since 1981. His daughter, Annie Retika M.Sc. also joined the company in 1998 and currently in charged as Engineering Director .

Ketira Engineering Consultants is participating in Indonesian development and as Consulting Engineers offers its services in the planning, design, and project management of various projects. Started with a core of business in structural design, the company has grown ever since and expanded its line of business to cover the following fields:

Soil Investigation and Surveying
Architectural, Structural, Mechanical/Electrical Design
Civil and Infrastructure Design
Value Engineering
Building Audit
Project Management / Construction Management
Special Projects, Mini Bored Piles, Mini Piles System

Our vision is to be a nationally recognized company whose works are valued by the society, especially in Indonesia. We strive to provide a sound solution to every engineering problems. It is our policy to keep up to date with recent research and developments and to initiate modern methods in design and construction to achieve efficient and economical design. In specialized fields, the firm consults with local as well as prominent foreign experts.

To ensure quick result of design and to provide good service for the Clients, it is our policy to have and maintain a complete department of Soil Investigation, Surveying Instruments, Computers, Plotters, and Softwares in 1200 m² office building owned by the firm.

For many years, Ketira Engineering Consultants has been developing mini bored piles and mini piles system. To achieve best result, we always consider many aspects such as soil condition, bearing capacity, joint pile system, and construction method. In developing the systems, we have successfully invented some tools and equipments which are now used by many other companies.

Continually improving the quality of human resources is also our policy. Ketira Engineering Consultants constantly gives its employees opportunities to enhance their capabilities through internal trainings, attending technical seminars, diversification of individual expertise and many other things. Nowadays, their best quality is high valued by other companies.

Currently, PT Ketira Engineering Consultants has a total of 250 employees, which comprises of 100 engineers, 125 drafters and technicians, and 25 administration staffs.